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Meet the Exchange Product Team: 2011 edition

Just like last year, I’ve made a little transcript of the Pro-Exchange community meeting with Greg Taylor and Ross Smith IV from the Exchange product team:

The first part of the evening was mainly around Service Pack 2 for Exchange Server 2010:

  • Address Book Policies (ABP) aka Gal Segmentation
    • Quick presentation on Address Book policies (ref our coverage of TEC Day 2). This is the Exchange 2010 counterpart of the white paper Configuring Virtual Organizations and Address List Segregation in Exchange 2007.
    • Next up was a quick demo based on the principal/teacher/student case study most of you have seen by now.
    • No ABP in Office 365 yet. Not anytime soon anyway, have patience.
      • Remember: transport role doesn’t care. Invisible (because of ABP) members of a distribution list still receive email sent to this DL. The same goes for delivery receipts etc…)
    • ABP do not solve multi-tenancy problem, they are only part of the solution.
    • Keep in mind that OAB is set in 4 places (in order of precedence):
      • default oab
      • database
      • abp oab
      • per user
    • Store.exe has been updated so that it also works with Outlook 2003
  • OWA mini
    • Meant for Japanese market, they do not have smartphones as we know them
    • Looks like OMA, works like OWA.
    • OWA mini is a subdir of OWA vDir. It’s rendered differently, the benefit is language support inherited from the top level.
    • Separate authentication from OWA; so FBA vs. basic is possible
    • Support for tasks, just like mango.
  • Hybrid config Wizard for Office 365
    • Not easy for the moment, 80 pages document to work through
    • Down to 6 steps now
    • Took a long time because they got to involve “external” teams like FOPE to write some APIs
    • Hybrid config wizard under Organization Configuration in EMC
  • Rollup fixes up to rollup 6; a lot of hotfixes
  • OWA cross silent redirection
    • as discussed during previous community event and TEC Day 1 blog post
    • Suggestion from my side; use some flow diagrams to visualize the logic behind the redirection and Single Sign On
    • Feature is disabled by default
    • Doesn’t work when using preauth ala TMG
    • Demo
  • Schema changes

Afterwards we go the chance to do a little Q&A session:

  • Public folders
    • Q: Ability to configure timeout? A:Specific set of conditions required. Remember outlook connects to service. If that is fine it will not reconnect to the alternate PF
    • Recommendation is to reconfigure the default PF store, should go relatively quick.
  • E2K10 IO stream optimization; exchange product vs. customer optimizations
    • We still do random IO, recommendations that take this into consideration still exist
    • Do not exclude background database maintenance; 5MB/S per database: critical for larger databases
    • Cluster size 256K, up to 384k chunks while writing
  • Larger DB
    • No DAG? Not larger than 200Gb; but you need to take into account backup windows
    • Native data protection in E2K10 should enable you to never need a restore; that should at least be your goal.
    • Don’t use expensive SAN for exchange, bigger and bigger disks coming up; you’re going to need a purpose for those; exchange 2010 large mailboxes is the answer
  • Lagged database copies:
    • SAN integrator recommended to get rid of lagged copy because it does not help against logical corruption (e.g. corrupted view)
    • You don’t now when it went broken > new tools like new-mailboxrepairrequest
    • Point in time restore is the same from traditional backup or lagged copy …enter some discussion about using PowerShell to replay log chunks to find the point of corruption
    • only difference is that lagged copy can only go 14 days back on the other hand hardware snapshots consume a lot more storage
    • start simple first; ad on to that if needed
      • application level HA
      • multi-role servers
        • increase CPU usage of hardware you invested in
        • also CAS is mostly CPU bound, MBX RAM & HD
    • servers now are lot more performant than 3 years ago
  • HP E5000 messaging solution; what’s your position?
    • comes preloaded with set of disk + wizard to install windows + exchange
    • remember you need to combine a load balancer with it! (Quote Marc Van Hooste)
  • NLB vs. HLB
  • Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010, partner recommends 3rd party archiving solution
    • Ongoing discussion…
  • Open Source to Exchange migration
    • look at 3rd party if you want something that works
  • Possible progress in further releases 
    • reduce IO even further
  • Windows Phone vs. EAS policy
    • it’s a shame WP7 doesn’t support them better
    • However competitors (iOS, android) don’t care about them. It's understandable as we're trying to compete with them. Mobile devices focus on usability nowadays, security is not important (based on sales figures).

If the powers that be happen to read this blog post; I’m ready to do a another write up next year. Hopefully I can stay out of trouble then and post my notes in a timely manner.



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Both during the TEC panel discussion and the Pro-Exchange “Meet the product team” event some

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