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Strange behavior with connect-mailbox

Imagine you have a mailbox-enabled user, User A, as can be seen in the pictures below.


And then, you decide to delete User A from Active Directory using Active Directory Users and Computers


And you decide to link the mailbox of user A to a new user called "Replace A". When checking the mailbox retention time you notice it is set at the default 30 days, however you don't see the mailbox in the list of disconnected mailboxes...even though you do see the mailbox when checking the mailboxstatistics for that database...


This is the point where the EMS cmdlet Clean-MailboxDatabase comes to the rescue, running this cmdlet will force Exchange to mark all disconnected mailboxes as disconnected, as can be seen in the event viewer.




And "User A" is available in the Exchange management console to be reconnected to any non-mailbox-enabled user, like "Replace A"




But, when trying to log into the mailbox using OWA you notice it doesn't work...




There are two ways of solving this issue. One way is to grant user "Replace A" explicit Full Mailbox Access right to its own mailbox using the shell, or using the GUI. Another way is by moving the mailbox to another store (same or different server), as can be seen in the pictures below:





Problem solved :-)



Posted 05-20-2009 4:32 by Ilse Van Criekinge
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