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Do you need the Exchange Management Shell?

To manage Exchange 2007, you can use the Exchange Management Console, or the Exchange Management Shell. A lot of people fear the command-line-like shell, but you do need the shell, since not everything can be configured using the Exchange Management Console. In this post I just want to give you a short list of things you can only configure using the power of the Exchange Management Shell (or, I should add, for which I haven't found a way to do so using the Exchange Management Console...)

  •  Define static Domain Controllers and/or Global Catalogs for Exchange
  •  Per user OWA segmentation: please check my article here for more information Server-Wide/Per user Segmentation
  • Prevent users from connecting using Outlook Non Cached Mode


  • Disable Subject Logging and Display in Message Tracking


  • Increase the maximum number of threads so more than 4 mailboxes can be moved at the same time
  •  Change system messages

  •  Clean-mailboxdatabase

For more information, check out my following article:

  • Create/Manage Global Address Lists
  • Create a new mailbox based on template users


  • Change the tarpit-interval voor receive connector


  • Disable transport agent


 There are more...this is just a list


Posted 06-10-2009 8:55 by Ilse Van Criekinge