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Unable to connect to Exchange 2010 (Beta) using Microsoft Office Outlook?

I've been struggling to connect to my Exchange 2010 mailbox using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 for a while now. And after installing Office Outlook Sp2, it worked, and then it didn't anymore.

Problem was that the MsExchangeRPC service was stopped and could not be started, as can be seen the following two pictures:

But now it's solved, by adding two registry keys on my Exchange 2010 (Beta) Server :-)

And here they are:

"Mapi Rpc Endpoint Registration"=dword:00000002



First create a subkey underneath MsExchangeRPC, and then add the DWORD value ExecutionFlags...


To finish, start the service Microsoft Exchange RPC Client Access

And open Outlook :-)


Posted 06-03-2009 12:40 by Ilse Van Criekinge


subject: exchange wrote Weekend reading
on 06-05-2009 7:07

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