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OCS Presence in Exchange 2010 in action

This is really great integration of OCS 2007 R2 and Exchange 2010
Now lets see how this works :)

Login to a User mailbox and make sure that this user is also enabled for OCS
(If a user is not enabled for OCS then the presence integration is disabled)

You will see your Presence icon next to your name on the top right corner.
You will also see the Presence for other users in the mail preview pane


If you open up the Addressbook or Click the Add Contact button on the left then you can Add Contacts to your Contact List by clicking the Add to IM Contact List button


A user can change his own Presence Status
The Contact list has been updated on the left when we added a user to the Contact list


If you Click on the Presence Icon of someone you get an Extra menu where you can start an IM Conversation


You get this IM Window
(Note that Emoticons are not supported)


You get notifications on the Top when there is an incomming IM Conversation


Posted 11-16-2009 1:17 by Johan Delimon