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Finally the Microsoft PST capture tool has arrived…


As a result of customer feedback Microsoft acquired Red Gate’s solution to import PST files and continued to improve it to provide an enterprise ready PST discovery and importing tool. You can use the tool to import PST directly into your on-premise or cloud based Exchange 2010 environment.

This tool will not only scan the targeted computers for any PST files but also allows you to import PST file’s from NAS filers, although the later requires you to perform the discovery manually and upload the location of the discovered PST files into the tool for further processing. To discover PST files on the targeted computers the “PST Capture Agent” has to be deployed first.

PST Capture is comprised of the following components:

  • PST Capture Central Service At the heart of PST Capture is the PST Capture Central Service. The Central Service maintains the list of all PST files found in your organization and manages the data as it’s moved to the Exchange servers or Exchange Online.
  • PST Capture Agent Discovery of the PST files is performed by PST Capture agents that are installed on computers in your organization. The agents also send the PST files they find to the host computer when an import operation is started on the PST Capture Console.
  • PST Capture Console The PST Capture Console is the interface you use to configure PST searches, specify the target mailboxes for PST files, and track the status of PST import operations and reports. You can also use the console to import PST files stored on network attached storage (NAS) devices, on which you can’t install PST agents.

For optimal operation, you should install the PST Capture Central Service and the PST Capture Console on a dedicated computer, known as the PST Capture host computer.


Screenshot taken from the technical documentation:

PST Search Tab


For more information:

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Technical Documentation

Posted 01-30-2012 7:55 by Tonino