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Microsoft releases “Log Parser Studio” (LPS)

Microsoft just released a very handy tool which allows you to parse different log files. Most Exchange administrators have already experienced it the hard way and share the pain at the thought of having to crawl through the different protocol log files that Exchange occasionally throws at you. Before, you were “forced” to use the Log Parser tool which is – unfortunately – not very “user-friendly” in that way that there isn’t a UI available. (Yep: all command line/script…)

The Log Parser Studio now solves that issue by providing an intuitive UI which allows you to easily process those log files.


In my humble opinion, I think that quite some Exchange admins out there will be very pleased with it. I haven’t been able to “play” with the tool as it has only been released only a few moment ago, but I will certainly give it a go in the upcoming days and – if possible – also write about it.

In the meantime: knock yourself out and have a go at it! You’ll find the tool an much more information on the following page:

Have fun!


Posted 03-07-2012 11:21 by Michael Van Horenbeeck


Exchange 2010 wrote Log Parser Studio is awesome :)
on 03-28-2012 12:56

Michael already posted this tool but it is worth mentioning more than once.