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My Lync Beta Exam 074-322 Advanced Design and Deployment experience

Today I went to the exam center to try the new released Lync Beta exam with subject "Lync Advanced Design and Deployment"  and here is a small blog sharing my experience. This exam will be a requirement for Microsoft partners to obtain the Gold competency for Communications starting from October.

I would consider myself having a pretty solid knowledge of Lync but as a requirement for Gold competency, I had a feeling this exam would be a challenge. A few years ago I did the U.C. Voice Partner exam on OCS 2007 R2 during it's beta stage and that was the most difficult Microsoft exam I ever took. I was a bit lucky and passed with 700 (the minimum score) while most of my peers appear to have failed. You bet I was very curious to see how difficult this exam would be and how I would do this time...

Because the exams are covered by a very strict NDA, I cannot go into detail regarding question specifics, but this is some information I believe will not harm to share.

The exam has 80 questions and you get a total of 120 minutes of time. Unfortunately it was the first time I failed to complete all the questions within the given time: the exam kicked me out when I finished 77 of them. I would point to the long formulated questions and exhibits that need to be thoroughly reviewed as the main reasons. If you plan to take this exam, use the feature to mark any question that keeps you doubting and if there is time left, review them afterwards.

As the name implies, the questions are mostly related to design and deployment of multi-site Lync environments, Location Information Service and bandwidth requirements.  I think most of them are very well constructed and match real life scenarios. I did find 3 questions with errors but this is why it's called a BETA exam.

So how did I do? I don't know (yet).  As a beta participant, you can expect your score within 8 weeks and/or before the exam leaves beta stage and goes public.... To be continued..


Posted 02-13-2012 6:48 by Ruben Nauwelaers


Ruben Nauwelaers wrote re: My Lync Beta Exam 074-322 Advanced Design and Deployment experience
on 07-16-2012 2:54

Yesterday I got confirmation I passed the exam :-)