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Update for Lync App in Windows 8 Store

Updated Feature list adds the following capabilities

Join meetings even if you don’t have a Lync account - See your Outlook meeting schedule and join Lync Meetings directly from Lync - Present PowerPoint files. Also, privately view the slides you want when someone else is presenting. - See your contacts and start conversations from snapped view - Better accessibility for high contrast modes and screen readers - Bug fixes and performance improvements


Now we have a new TAB on the Bottom where you can view your meetings for the day and the next day which is very welcome as previously we only had the Top TAB showing the current meeting and only during the real meeting time.

Screenshot (5)

A list of my meetings (currently without any Lync Online Meeting)


Also very handy, you can now join meetings anonymously whithout requiring credentials on the corporate network so you can invite external participants on Windows 8

Screenshot (8)

Obviously you go to the Lobby when joining anonymously

Screenshot (9)

If you are a presenter then you can privately browse powerpoint slides

Screenshot (7)

Posted 06-25-2013 3:26 by Johan Delimon